5 Ways being a mom changed me

I guess I never really imagined it. I barely daydreamed about it. I knew I wanted to be a mom someday, but I never really knew what that would look like for me. I have the most vivid memory of my first son on the day of his birth. When the nurse handed him to me wrapped up in that pink, blue and white blanket, he stared at me with the most piercing look in his eyes. At that moment he knew I was his mama and I knew it too, and I just couldn’t take it! Being a mom has totally changed the ‘me’ that I am today. I know every mom can relate. You are never the same again. Not only because of the scars and the way your body is completely changed – its much much deeper than that. Its spiritual, its miraculous and its terrifying! Here are five ways I have changed since that miraculous day In May four years ago.

1. I have somehow become more organized while becoming less put together.

I know you are shaking your head in agreement with me right now! lol Its so difficult to understand but my mess makes sense to me. I am perfectly disorganized. I know where that white undershirt is in the pile of washed clothes that hasn’t been put away for days. I remember I saw the car keys behind the couch, and I know how to tidy up the house just enough before a guest walks in. It’s a mom thing!

2. I have mastered the art of multitasking.

Multitasking we know is every woman’s superpower, but I reckon when you have a child God gives you another dose of the multitasking potion! Its how we get stuff done. Just yesterday I washed the dishes while doing laundry, making dinner and brushing my teeth. Lol.

3. I have developed a very very interesting imagination.

This must be my husband’s favorite. Its that feeling every mom gets – we always imagine the craziest thing is going to happen to our babies. Like, I am sure if I leave the boys in the living room and run to take a bath they are going to somehow find the car keys, open the garage, get in the car and we will end up on the evening news because our kids drove the car into our neighbor’s house. All because I decided to not smell that day! 

4. I have so much more love to give the world.

My kids have helped me to understand what unconditional love looks like. The innocence of a child is amazing and its even more amazing that little humans love unconditionally. Children love easily and forgive easily, and this is honestly something grownups are still striving for. My children make me want to become a better version of myself and spread love and goodness everywhere.

6. I became a morning person overnight

It actually hurts me to say this and if I can be honest, this sometimes makes me miss my old life. Lol. Anyone who knows me knows I am, sorry, was a night owl who loves my sleep. Growing up my parents and siblings would tease me saying I could sleep through a tornado. Fast forward to many years later, three babies, and a baby monitor, and the sound of a needle dropping would have me bumping into furniture as I’m pacing upstairs to ensure all the children are accounted for and safe. LOL. Gone are the days of waking up when I’m done sleeping. Ha! I wake up to my three favorite alarms anywhere from 5AM to 6AM and there is no snooze button.


How has being a parent changed you ? Would love to hear your thoughts. Share below...