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'Iya' [mother/caretaker]

It is often said that when a child is born, so is an iya (mother).

Who we are: Anu & Bola, two moms on a quest to simplify life for moms.


iiyabox was born from the real life needs of moms. Anu’s quest to find quality, stylish and generously packed clothing necessities for her then toddler and newborn twin boys led to a simple idea. This was met with a shared realization that singleton moms like co-founder Bola also longed for lots between laundry loads (oh the simple joys).


iiyabox is where passion meets purpose for this mom duo.


Our desire is to help simplify life with littles for moms (and dads too) by providing the ease of accessibility to basic everyday clothing needs in generous quantities at a good value. Thanks for allowing us to serve you and for being a part of our story. We are grateful for your support.