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Bola the iya 

1. Some random facts about me: I enjoy traveling (especially on road trips with the family), Zumba, and watching investigative shows. More recently, I've found myself enjoying baking & cooking with my little girls.  

2. What has surprised me so far about motherhood: I am honestly surprised as to just how different in personalities same parent kids can be even at such young age. I literally have what seems to be extremes: one 'tomboyish' girl and one very girly girl but I welcome, celebrate and continue to learn from their differences. Life will be boring otherwise, right? I am intrigued to see if such personalities stick as they grow. 

3. Advise for new/future moms: I've come to experience that motherhood is more than birthing or nurturing a child…it is also about growth. I say... trust your instincts, always put your best foot forward, be open to learning (mistakes will happen) and receiving help. I currently ‘mom’ through a combination of my experiences, my faith, reading, and my mom community; join me!

4. What is my “why” for iiyabox: My why is the strong desire to be a part of something bigger than just my current circle. You know, just wondering what I can do to help others, be impactful & selfless on a broader scale? I guess here is a great place to share that we’ve got great plans for iiyabox in coming years. Besides helping moms (& dads) now, we foresee a future where we can reach and be a blessing to children in need.

5. What do I do for iiyabox (behind the scene): As of now, truth is Anu & I basically share all tasks. It is safe to say we both have our hands in just about everything at different capacity. For example, I tend to do more of the formalities and numbering stuff… you know, the not so fancy or fun things. She is much more engaged in the tech aspects. I am very grateful for all the strengths Anu brings to the table and we are both growing and learning together daily.

Anu the iya

1. Some random facts about me: I absolutely love chocolate. I do not enjoy the outdoors. I consider myself a girly – girl (second fact probably made this more obvious). I am an extroverted- introvert; in other words I am really talkative but most people think I am quiet.

2. What has surprised me most so far about motherhood: How quickly kids grow and how easy it is to forget small details about them when they were younger.

3. Top 3 lessons learned so far in motherhood: Firstly, patience, patience, patience and more patience. Did I mention patience! For the folks in the back, PATIENCE.Secondly, It takes a village – it really does. From the moment the child is born to training them up it requires a community of people who love them and are committed to their well-being and success. Patience again- (haha j/k) Lastly,you will not get everything right and it is okay. It is also okay to ask for help.

4. What is my “why” for iiyabox: You know the feeling of really needing something and thinking, “Oh I wish someone would invent such and such…” Yes, that feeling of having a problem and then sure enough stumbling upon a solution. iiyabox for me is a solution that I believe so many parents need and I am excited that we get to be a part of that solution.

5. What do I do for iiyabox (behind the scenes): It’s just myself and Bola and the amazing cheerleaders we have in our individual lives and community. So pretty much Bola and I share all responsibilities – we do it all (although we have learned to identify some areas of weakness and ask for help). We ship out orders, brainstorm new products and all of the other day -to- day functions of running a business.